Ordinals on Algorand

How a token can enhance NFTs and Vice Versa

In a distant future, worlds have collapsed… Shortly before this, the inhabitants of these worlds had got into the habit of making their transactions via the main $BTC chain, on which young people had got into the habit of minting nfts ordinals. During the great collapse, when the worlds collapsed into one, the main chain also collapsed. Fortunately, Algorand’s latest cart drives have reactivated the ordinals left behind by the children… 21M nfts were activated and a $ was punched on them, just like on the old coins… $ORDINALS were born again! Since then, $ORDINALS have served life in #COLLAPSEDWORLDS, for centuries and centuries.

“Collapsed World is a digital collage project set in an apocalyptic universe. With the help of old photos I kept after the collapse, I try to tell the story of today’s collapsed world… admire them, collect them, make your own unique story.”


Blue Ordinals is an Algorand Standard Asset [ ASA ]

There are 21M tokens available to purchase with a good starting point at Vestige Financial Site
Owners of ORDINALS coins will be enabled to receive NFT drops. Already the first 500 holders received NFT #1 with more to come.

Links to Blue Ordinals: